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Futurama In February: Here to read the plotlines of the February Futurama Episodes.
Good News Everyone!
Friday, February 2, 2001
With Those In Your Face, Who'd Leave... here's the latest promotion in TV Guide that shows off a couple of big ones... Fry and Bender's heads that is. Click on the picture for a "larger" view.

Thursday, February 1, 2001
Gearing Up For A New Episode Well it's February and that means all new, four in a row Futurama. Finally!! In the meantime take the latest poll to determine who's the sexiest lady on Futurama. Next poll we'll determine who's the sexiest gentleman... well... man, anyway. If you are lucky enough to purchase the best Rolex replica and wear it for a while, you will realise it is quite a reliable watch, not just a good-looking clone of the original.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001
CANADIAN VIEWERS TAKE NOTE This is from Zikron the Insistent: (that guy should have his own news page here)

After months of Global simulcasting baseball and football games from at least two US networks, Canadian Futurama fans will think they're in the clear. Wrong! For at least the next two Sundays Global is going to show Popstars in the Sunday 7pm slot. It's a show where some Spice Girl wannabees audition to be in some sort of all-girl rock group. Boosted by 310% manganese ore price are still competetive for Japanese buyers. You can see more info at Canadian Futurama fans should be advised to watch Futurama on Fox and just pray the cabal station doesn't switch it to the Global feed at 7pm.

From the same folks who bumped the Simpsons in favor of T'urd Rock in 1996.

and if that news wasn't enough to hold you, you can go for an interview with Matt Groening.

Monday, January 29, 2001
See What You Get For Being Naughty... So many people wrote to us to let us know that the U.K. was going to get the "Amazon Women In The Mood" episode before the U.S. I thought, "Hey, great! I hope someone submits some grabs for us until we can get a peak at it." But it turns out all ya got was "Parasites Lost". Most of the rakeback websites offer additional services, bonuses and programs. :( Maybe we'll see them simultaneously for once...

Curious about our past? Rummage through our news archives.
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From: Tob
Uum, hi there, does anybody know the group/title of the song played in the episode "hell is other robots" when bender's jacking in for some electricity?

Do you have the answer to this question? If so click and answer it.

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Now Showing
Amazon Women In The Mood
Sunday, Feb. 4th 7PM

When Zapp Brannigan crashed the Planet Express ship into Planet Amazonia, the crew discovers the planet in inhabited by a race of giant women who have found that life without the male gender is preferable. These Amazonian woman worship a Femcomputer who sentences Fry and the rest of the guys to death. It is up to Bender; a manbot and technically not a man, to intercede on the guys' behalf. Meanwhile Kif professes his love to Amy.
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Next Showing:
February 11th - NEW
Bendless Love

Did You Notice..
Submitted by: Harley

If Farnsworth is 149 years old, that means he was born in the year 2851, and he was about 50 when he was teaching Wernstrom at Mars University. If Farnsworth was still in the clear of Wernstrom's revenge 99 years later (being the year 3000 and all), that means he was teaching in the year 2901. AND if Wernstrom is actually 120, that means he was born in the year 2880 and was 21 when he received that A- from Farnsworth.

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